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PC to Mac Switchers


If you’re switching from a PC to a brand new Mac, you’re not alone! Millions of people have made the switch. And Berti Group is here to help you with the transition.

Right away, you might notice that an Apple keyboard looks a little different than a PC's, not to mention the mouse difference. Keys like COMMAND, OPTION & CONTROL each have functions that make sense and can certainly help solve problems that might arise. What about when things do go wrong? How can you unfreeze a frozen screen or close a program which won't respond? What if you've lost a window you're working in? What if you can't open a file you need? Berti Group is here to help you solve these problems and more!

Even something as simple as quitting an application is a whole new process on a Mac. But how do you even install an application on your new Apple product in the first place? And where's the start menu!? Apple has their own great ways of doing all of these things and we'd love to help you discover them!

There are many, many other differences you’ll love about the Mac and we at Berti Group want to introduce you to them. Give us a call!


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