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Daylite 4 Fundamentals Classroom Course

Daylite Fundamentals

Daylite can be an incredibly powerful tool when you have the knowledge to unlock it's potential. This comprehensive 2 day course will familiarize attendees with the most effective workflows for getting the most out of Daylite in order to grow your business. Everything in Daylite revolves around achieving objectives, and understanding this a primary concern for users. Understand the power of defining relationships between the people and companies you deal with including searchable email histories for everyone. Schedule meetings in minutes with shared calendaring. Systematically track every opportunity that comes your way and avoid sales slipping through the cracks. Use tasks organized into projects and learn how to quickly delegate them amongst team members.


The following topics will be covered in the course and are accompanied by an exercise driven workbook:

  • Lesson 1: Daylite Concepts
  • Lesson 2: An Interface Tour
  • Lesson 3: Working with People and Companies
  • Lesson 4: Scheduling Appointments & Meetings
  • Lesson 5: Searching for your data
  • Lesson 6: Tasks and Getting Things Done
  • Lesson 7: Tracking Opportunities
  • Lesson 8: Managing Projects
  • Lesson 9: Being Productive with Daylite Mail Assistant

So why invest in you or your employee's knowledge?

The average business in the US spends 2% of payroll on employee training. The top performing organizations spend between 3.5% to 5%. 
- ASTD Learning Outcomes Report 200 and Training Magazine 2004

Companies that invest above the average in employee learning outperform the stock market by more than 45%. Those that don’t, underperform by 22%.
- ASTD / Bassi, 2000

Next Course Runs:

June 20th 2013 -  8:00AM-12:30PM
June 21st 2013 -  8:00AM-12:30PM


Brickhouse Academy
#9, 1111 3 ST SE
Calgary, AB

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