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     We can help! We’re the only IT services firm in Calgary who operate exclusively with Apple products that understands the unique challenges, needs and workflow of the medical, dental, and the overall healthcare business and can put in place solutions to increase billable hours, lower IT support costs, dramatically increase productivity and support your hectic, crazy-busy work schedule.


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     Nothing shocked me more than when I kept hearing about how other IT companies were only treating Apple products as a job on the side for business owners in Calgary. They felt as though because they understood Windows, they could easily understand Mac. As though all operating systems are identical. This included some of the largest Managed IT Services companies in Calgary who charge for THEIR shortcomings!

     If your specialty is diagnosing health concerns related to the mouth, would you say that diagnosing ear problems is something you can do with ease? You have experience as a health practitioner sure, but that does not mean you are able to do every job of the human body and mind quickly, efficiently, and perfectly to ensure 100% satisfaction for your patients. That is why I could not understand how these IT companies could charge $1000+ each month to manage a system that they didn’t even fully understand.

     That’s where Berti Group came in; we are an Apple solutions Managed IT Services provider with our office in Calgary. My core value for Berti Group is that we are the absolute best with Mac and we pass some of that expertise to our clients through clear and considerate communication to those of various technology backgrounds.

     We are the ONLY IT company in Calgary who specialize in Apple products and the health services industry. Not only is Apple a different ballpark which I have stated, so is the health services industry, which is why having a specialized and dedicated IT company who knows your industry inside and out is crucial to your success.

     Signing with us, I promise that you will never be dissatisfied with our services. That is my guarantee to you.

     Dedicated to your success,

     Adam Berti
     Managing Director and Owner of Berti Group Inc.

“A long time ago when I first met Adam, I wanted him on my team because I was tired of people in the dental industry telling me that ‘this is the way we’ve always done things,’ or ‘I don’t think that’s possible’. He came on board and looked at everything with a perspective that wasn’t limited…  >>Read More

-Roma Pastershank, Glenmore Park Dental

“The convenience and low cost of maintenance have been the biggest benefits to our company since working with Berti Group. They’ve made it so that our Mac and cloud-based systems are easy to maintain and are reliable. The staff at Berti Group also easy to get ahold of and knowledgeable to ensure everything is working properly. They can’t fix people problems, but they do make sure to be patient to work through those issues too…  >>Read More

-Jevins Waddell, TRIUM Environmental Inc.

BertiCare Managed IT Services

Managed & Secured Networks

Your hardware is the root of your network infrastructure. We ensure it is protected.

Business Continutity Solutions

Time is money which is why we ensure that your business will not go down on our plan.

Identity Monitoring & Alerting

We monitor our clients on the DarkWeb to ensure their identity is not being sold.

Password & Identity Managment

We keep your cloud-based applications safe with password and identity management.

Managed Website Hosting

Websites are easily compromised. This is another cyber asset that you must protect.

Hosted VoIP - BertiVoice VoIP Solution

Our BertiVoice VoIP system will save you 25%-85% on your monthly phone bill.

Managed & Secured Networks

The core of your IT infrastructure is your network. Having a secured network keeps unwanted visitors off of your network and protects your data. We will install, monitor, and manage your security appliances, switches, and access points using enterprise quality equipment.

Business Continuity Solutions

How much money did your office lose during your last experience of network downtime? Backup LTE Internet connections and continuous data protection with virtualization are just some of the solutions that we provide to keep your business operating in the event of minor hardware failure or serious environmental incidents.

Identity Monitoring & Alerting

Do you know if your credentials are being shared on the DarkWeb? With our DarkWeb ID Solution, we monitor all of your email domains. You can also take care of your employees by offering to monitor their personal emails too.

Password & Identity Management

We ensure that your cloud-based applications are safe and secure by using multi-factor authentication and sign on. Many solutions can be cumbersome and compromise connectivity. With the right solutions, we offer you both security and operational efficiency.

Managed WordPress

Your website has the ability to be compromised. We keep your website secure, backed up, and up-to-date to prevent intruders. In the event of a compromise, we can quickly contain and restore your site.

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Hosted VoIP

Businesses and healthcare offices around the world are switching to VoIP phone systems. This is because its reduced costs for more abilities and mobility has made it an attractive substitute for leading businesses and healthcare offices. It’s not just for the big guns, any business or office can use it. Click here to learn about our BertiVoice VoIP phone system.

Berti Group is your trusted Managed IT Provider. We bring valuable advice and solutions to help you run your business and leave the IT headaches to us. Stop managing your IT and fighting with technology. Let us keep your systems running smooth so you can go back to keeping your customers happy.

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