How Changing Your Phone System Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars A Month

     I’ll start by stating the obvious. Telecom companies are not your friend.

     It is quite often we look at our clients’ internet services plans and determine that they are still on a plan from five years ago that costs them more and gives them slower speeds than a new updated plan! That’s the worst possible customer service I can think of. These large telecom companies intentionally do not inform you that there are better deals available with them. I even had a customer service rep once tell me that they just had too many customers and couldn’t possibly contact them all each time there was a better plan. I disagree, it’s called sending a marketing email; every business owner knows how to do that.

     Most of us not only pay a telecom for our internet services, but also for landlines and cell phone services. In my experience the majority of people are on the ball when it comes to making sure we have a good cell phone plan, but business owners are not so great about reviewing their traditional landlines.

     In the last ten days alone, I have spoken to three of our clients who all have their services from Telus, and who are all paying more than $325 per month in phone bills. One client showed me a bill where Telus was charging them 5 cents per minute to call Lethbridge. LETHBRIDGE! It’s highway robbery that in today’s technologically advanced age people are still paying for long distance.

     Sure, these companies are quick to turn around and offer discounts and new systems – but why continue to give them your hard-earned money and business? Two of our clients this week have signed up for our BertiVoice hosted VOIP system, and have gone from paying over $325 a month, to about $100. That’s nearly $3000 a year in savings, which, as a business owner, goes directly into your pocket at year end. Not only are these clients saving money, but they’re getting the additional features of a hosted VOIP system at the same time.    If you want these kinds of savings I’ve listed above, reach out, let us look at your phone bill, and not only help you save money, but give you a modern phone system that makes you look more professional to your customers, and gives you more flexibility and mobility.

     For the month of September, I would like to extend a complimentary VOIP phone assessment for your business. I will assess your phone needs to determine if a VOIP phone system truly is the best choice for you. If it’s not, I will let you know. What will either happen is you will get a free reassurance that your current system is suiting your needs, or you’ll have a new ready to put in place plan that will save you thousands each year. Ready to receive this FREE assessment? Email me direct at or call my office at 403-879-1642 to schedule your assessment today. Not ready to schedule yet? Click here to review our BertiVoice phone system. I look forward to hearing from you.