Meet Your Team

Adam Berti


ROLE: Client Satisfaction

HOBBIES: Exploring & Travelling, Sailing, Soccer, Badminton, Photography

BELIEFS ABOUT IT: It can be incredibly satisfying or incredibly frustrating. It’s my years of experience that help craft satisyfing solutions, and not frustrating solutions.

BELIEFS ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE: I don’t care what industry you are in, customer service has to be your number one priority, hands down. If you’re not willing to provide top of the line customer service, why are you in business?

Nick Black


ROLE: IT Consultant/Support and Project Management

HOBBIES: Skiing, Fishing, Exploring, and Camping with Friends and Family

BELIEFS ABOUT IT: Keep it simple, sensible, and stylish. When you deviate from one of the three S’s, it is going to become a real complication for everyone involved.

BELIEFS ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE: You’ve got to be able to talk to someone on their level as everyone has expertise in different areas. Be friendly, listen, be responsive, and don’t make information too technical. Explain in plain English.

Darren Pearce


ROLE: Web Development, IT Support, Software Development, e-Commerce Support/Development

HOBBIES: Spending Time With Family, Biking, Snowboarding, Playing With All Things Tech

BELIEFS ABOUT IT: IT is the bedrock of any modern business and can be a powerful catalyst when implemented correctly.

BELIEFS ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE: You have to always treat customers with a friendly attitude. People remember how you make them feel and I have found smiling (yes, even on the phone), and being sincerely interested in helping them solve their problem impacts their satisfaction.

Cindy McGough


ROLE: Conducting the administrative duties of the office.

HOBBIES: Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Camping.

BELIEFS ABOUT IT: Nothing is perfect, not even state of the art technology. All the technology of the world couldn’t work perfectly all of the time which is why you need that human element too.

BELIEFS ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you want customers to stay with you, you must provide great customer service. You can cut prices to entice customers in, but to keep them, customers have to be happy with the level of service you provide, not just the price.

Dana Cramer


ROLE: Develop and implement marketing collateral.

HOBBIES: Reading Non-Fiction, Writing, Going to the Movies.

BELIEFS ABOUT IT: As someone who is good with computers, but by no means a technician, I believe that technology should be made to work and that when a problem does occur, there should be an easy solution based on the computer’s program being well-written and maintained.

BELIEFS ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE: No one should ever not be listened to. You have to be able to really listen and engage with a person to determine their needs. People know what they want and expect, they may not always have the vernacular to describe it and that’s where great customer service comes in.


Our Core Values


We’re not just thinking up some random values to add to this page, we actually practice this. Each month we send out a newsletter to help our clients learn more about technology, as well weekly blog posts. We do this by actually ASKING what our clients want to learn about and bank those ideas for future newsletters and blogs to ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients. We also work to train YOUR staff to make your support calls lower in frequency and duration.


We aren’t excellent at everything, no one is. For example, no one in our office is a very good rugby player. What we are excellent at, however, is Apple and IT. Just like how you demonstrate excellence in your profession, we demonstrate it in ours and will not settle for anything less.


If you want to know how much our clients trust us, one of them married one of our technicians! We will never lie or cut corners, because in the tech world it’s pretty easy for another IT company to complete a network health check and dig up how corners were cut. We would never tarnish our reputation, as well make more work for us in the future. That’s why honesty is a core value for us.


Upon meeting us you will learn very quickly how much our team enjoys having a good laugh. With a diverse team with members from here in Canada, England, Scotland, and Australia, we have just about every joke in the English language able to be told, and we do tell them.