Our Ideal Customer

You Are Located In:

  • Calgary

  • Alberta

  • Canada

You Understand The Value Of Technology

You may not be a technology master, but you understand its value for your business.

You specifically understand the value of Apple technology in it longevity and solution-based model that has fully integrated programs for your use.

Your Main Concerns Regarding IT Are

  • Not being included in the conversation about YOUR business.

  • When you are included in the conversation the IT provider is using technical jargon that you are not experienced with.

You Are Sick Of Being Behind Closed Doors Of YOUR Business

  • You do not receive ANY updates from your current IT provider.
  • Your current IT provider says they will provide you with monthly reports, but never do.

We can help. Call us at 403-879-1642 to speak with Adam. We will set up a consultation meeting for within the next 72 hours and demonstrate to you what REAL customer service looks like.

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