Know Someone Who Would Benefit From Managed Services, Retail Solutions, or a VoIP Phone System?

     If you know another business owner who would benefit from Berti Group’s Managed Services, Retail Solutions, or VoIP Phone System, we would like to hear about them and we have a great incentive to show we mean business!

     Here’s how it works, if you provide us with the name of another business owner who you personally know, their contact information, and an introduction (can be through email), and they then becomes a client with us, we will provide you with a $200 service credit. We will also send you a thank you package which will contain a variety of items for you and your staff. If you would prefer to not have the $200 service credit, we will instead donate $250 (Canadian dollars) to a charity of your choice and still provide the thank you package.

     The person you refer will also receive a 30% discount on their first month services as this is your friend/colleague.

     Email to make your referral.

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