In Their Words

Adam Berti Is Innovative With Dental IT

“A long time ago when I first met Adam, I wanted him on my team because I was tired of people in the dental industry telling me that ‘this is the way we’ve always done things,’ or ‘I don’t think that’s possible’.

Adam came on board and looks at everything with a perspective that is not limited by how things have always been done in dentistry. He provides solutions and ideas and keeps my office ahead of the game from that angle.

I trust his expertise in my IT solutions as he has a strong proven track record with my business which I am truly grateful for.”

-Roma Pastershank, former owner of Glenmore Park Dental

A Monumental Difference In IT Service With Berti Group

“The single biggest benefit that our company has received since moving to Berti Group’s IT services, BertiCare, is that Adam and his team have instant response 24/7. 

Our company is extremely impressed with their professionalism and exemplary responsive fashion. Berti Group is proactive in taking care of our system and are on the leading edge of IT systems so that they can always anticipate future challenges.

You will see a monumental difference from the onset. You will be very lucky – we know we are!”

-Susan Finestone, office manager of South Calgary Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

More Time For Patients Since Moving To BertiCare

“The biggest single benefit in moving to Berti Group is BertiCare. Their real-time monitoring and proactive approach prevents any IT and network issues. This allows me to concentrate on delivering quality care to my patients.

Adam and his team at Berti Grouo do EVERYTHING better than other IT companiesI worked with in the past. They are relentless in pursuing the problem until it is solved.

If someone was on the fence about choosing Berti Group as their IT firm, I would say sitting on the fence is not comfortable. Get with the program and switch to BertiCare at Berti Group!”

– Tom Wierzbicki, owner of West Calgary Periodontal

Berti Group’s IT Services Gives Us Budgeting Certainty

“Because Berti Group is a small business, they understand small business needs. As a small firm we appreciate the budgeting certainty that comes with IT Managed Services. 

They have trained us not to ‘cry wolf’ and to differentiate a ‘411’ from a ‘911’. In return, when we really do need them in a pinch they are here, often in person, to solve the problem.”

-Adam Pekarsky, owner of Pekarsky & Co.

Adam Has Built His Team To Be Easy To Get Hold Of

“The convenience and low cost of maintenance have been the biggest benefits to our company since working with Berti Group. They’ve made it so that our Mac and cloud-based systems are easy to maintain and are reliable.

The staff at Berti Group are also easy to get a hold of and knowledgeable to ensure everything is working properly. They can’t fix people problems, but they do make sure to be patient to work through those issues too. 

They are approachable, have a great attitude, and are knowledgeable. With other firms there was always something else that was needed, another upgrade, etc. Adam is very open with outlining all requirements at the beginning and attentive to cost-saving details and efficiencies. 

I would recommend going for coffee with Adam. If his character isn’t enough to convince you what his business foundation is built on and how the staff are going to service problems, then perhaps being a number in a large IT provider really is the best option for you.”

-Jevins Waddell, owner of TRIUM Environmental Inc.

Berti Group Is Responsive

The instant access to help BertiCare, Berti Group’s IT services plan, provides is crucial to our business.

My staff have the ability to correspond directly with Berti Group without me needing to be involved. Berti Group offers top-quality support with their team really knowing their stuff. Berti Group will easily prove themselves so there is no need to worry about choosing them as an IT company.”

– Don McDonald, founder of McDonald Luxury Homes

Berti Group Provided In-House IT Without Paying For In-House IT

“We chose Berti Group because they provide IT support that is as responsive as in-house IT overhead.

That is exactly what we have experienced with Berti Group, immediate assistance from people that seem familiar and comfortable to us as our own employees.

I would suggest any prospective Berti Group client to engage on a short-term, no commitment basis as their service would soon win you over to a more committed engagement.”

– Jim Hill, Owner of Esker Foundation

Berti Group Has Strong, Consistent Staff

“The peace of mind and ability to access IT help has been the single biggest benefit our organization has received from Berti Group’s IT service offering, BertiCare.

Berti Group is different from other IT firms in that they have consistent staff and technicians.With Berti Group you know that the trust built with a technician will not be lost time as Adam has built a team of strong, consistent staff.This has created a long-term relationship and understanding of our systems, needs, and staff.”

– Naomi Potter, director/curator at Esker Foundation

We TRUST Berti Group

With Berti Group, especially Adam Berti, they are responsive and there for you.

We have had urgent issues arise and Berti Group always rectifies the problems very quickly. This has not been the case with past IT firms we have used.

Berti Group’s IT services package, BertiCare, removed IT issues that we had to deal with every day, which allows us to now focus our efforts 100% on our clients.

You can TRUST Berti Group. I would highly recommend that you choose them.”

– Bonnie O’Neill, principal of BOND Creative

Berti Group Cares About Me, My Team, And My Business

“Each and every member at Berti Group sincerely cares about my team and my business. When there are issues to be addressed, they are not done so begrudgingly.Berti Group genuinely understand that IT problems hinder my business, which has them working hard to solve any issue.

When I started my company, Berti Group was there right away and were familiar and comfortable with what we did, how we did it, why we did it, and what we needed to accomplish on Day One.

An IT service firm that really cares about your ability to service clients and grow your business is not easy to find. Berti Group truly cares about my business.”

-Rick Vogel, owner of The Vogel Group

Adam Also Teaches Me How To Improve My Tech Skills

“Every time I talk with Adam not only do I get my tech challenge addressed, I learn something new that increases my skill set in being more self-confident in trouble-shooting in the future. 

Him and his team are personable, patient, knowledgeable, AND an essential part of the success of my business. Huge gratitude!”

-Suze Casey, owner of Learn It – Live It Transformational Seminars