Business Continuity Solutions

     Has your office ever experienced its network collapsing that resulted in both financial costs and reputational damage, or have you ever worked somewhere where this has happened? Business continuity solutions are the number one reason why outsource IT is utilized by small businesses and offices. You recognize how important it is to have your network up and running 100% of the time.

What Are Business Continuity Solutions?

     Business continuity is the ability to not experience downtime due to IT issues. When your office cannot process patients or collect payment, this begins to cost you real money, real fast.

What Are Its Benefits?

     By your IT company having business continuity fixed into their services, this gives you the peace of mind that you will not roll into work one day and have nothing working. The return on investment is obvious once you being crunching the numbers of your last network failure.

What Is The Nit And Grit Of It If You Don’t Have It?

     Well, the nit and grit is that you will likely experience network failure. Not only does this cost you money, but there is also reputational damage that comes with it. Imagine having to ask your patients to leave cheques instead of being able to pay for their driver’s licence medical test, or their dental expenses. You may lose patients over it which will have a lifetime cost effect on you.

     As well, if your X-ray machine isn’t working because of network failure, then how long will it take for you to balance multiple patients. Again, it’s not just the dollar cost to think about, it’s also your office’s image.

What Does Our Plan Include?

  • We ensure LTE Internet connections and continuous data protection with virtualization.

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