Identity Monitoring & Alerting

     Remember that old MySpace account that you never use and would care less about if it was compromised? What was that MySpace account’s password, and better, are you still using that password or a variation of it? That’s how cyber criminals will get a hold of your personal information to infiltrate you further and sell all of your personal information on the DarkWeb. Not to sound like we’re fear-mongering, but this is something that you should be concerned about.

What Is Identity Monitoring and Alerting?

     Our identity monitoring and alerting software allows for us to keep an eye out on you, your employees, and your family’s personal information. When we detect your information on the DarkWeb, our software allows us to swiftly and completely erase it.

     I know I was picking on MySpace above, but this is an issue. Your old social media accounts could have your date of birth, family members, hometown, pets’ names (a common security question answer), which can all lead to your confidential information being compromised. If you or your employees are using the same passwords everywhere, but a variation of it, this could easily compromise your network. This is because it makes for you or your employees’ work accounts to be compromised. As you can imagine, one account can easily have ripple effects from there.

What Are Its Benefits?

     For the longest time, identity monitoring would have no way of giving people the numbers of what their DarkWeb results were. This was highly discouraging to business owners who were paying their IT guy to monitor for them, but had no reports to look back on for how this service was being beneficial for them. With our ID monitoring software, we are able to give you the return on investment for the DarkWeb scans that we conduct.

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