Password & Identity Management

     As you’ve read, cloud-based applications are not always the safest bet. The Cloud has made everything so much easier in terms of mobility, recovery, and time saved sifting through physical files. The thing is, however, that Cloud-based applications can be compromised. That is why we work to ensure that everything you upload to Cloud is safe and for your eyes only.

What Is Password and Identity Management?

We use multi-factor authentication sign on to ensure that your Cloud files stay safe and secure.

What Are Its Benefits?

By having password and identity management, you won’t have to see any of your information smeared as being “leaked.” This will ensure that any patient information you have saved will not be hacked and lead to a hefty PIPEDA fine for you.

What Is The Nit And Grit Of It If You Don’t Have It?

     I don’t like the idea of playing Russian-Roulette, especially not with my business. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say you don’t like testing the security limits for your office either. If you don’t have password and identity management, you are leaving yourself open for hackers to compromise you. Numerous studies have found that hackers go after smaller businesses and offices because they’re the ones who don’t invest in their security. This has also been found to have crippling effects including bankruptcy.

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