8 Reasons To Work With Berti Group
For Your Managed IT Services

  • Trustworthy

    Your business relies on a strong and solid IT foundation. Our clients trust us each day, year after year, to be partners in their success. See what they say and some examples of how we earned their trust by clicking here.

  • Complete Lifecycle Assistance

    We work with you from the design phase, through implementation, training, and follow up support. We will never point the finger at someone else; instead we work through the issue with the other vendors and find the right solution.

  • Human Support

    Our staff are trained to communicate with our clients like human beings; with respect and patience. We will never use ‘geek speak’ with you or your staff.

  • Reputable

    We have been in business since 2010 and established ourselves as experts in the Calgary’s health services IT. To review our testimonials from current clients, click here.

  • IT Visionaries

    We are IT visionaries, and constantly researching, testing, and exploring to find the best products and solutions to keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

  • Proactive Maintenance

    You work with your patients to practice proactive health measures; we practice proactive IT. We’re not waiting for problems, we solve them before you even know about them. Don’t wait around to put out fires because of inefficient IT.

  • We Document Everything

    We ensure proper documentation of all systems in conjunction with our clients and always share this with them upon request. Unlike other firms, we don’t hold your data hostage to keep you from switching vendors.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    We’ll do what it takes to make it right, every time, for every client.

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