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     We can help! We’re the only IT services firm in Calgary that understands the unique challenges, needs and workflow of small business owners and can put in place solutions to increase billable hours, lower IT support costs, dramatically increase productivity and support your hectic, crazy-busy work schedule.


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Are You Interested in Transitioning Your
Retail Store or Restaurant To Lightspeed?

Lightspeed POS is a sales tracking and overall store management software. A Canadian-based company, Lightspeed works to help small and medium-sized businesses reach their full potential with cloud-integrated solutions.

You Have 8 Million Things On Your Mind And Now You’re Facing Computer Issues

     Welcome, and thank you for choosing to take the time to review our services. I am going to assume that you are in need of IT help; sooner rather than later. If so, I can help you have your business finally reach the true potential you envisioned for it utilizing technology.

     My name is Adam, I am the Managing Director and Owner of Berti Group. Berti Group is a Calgary-based outsource IT company. My staff and I work to help small and medium-sized business owners in the Calgary area achieve their fullest technology potential using Apple products.

     I believe that Apple does things right the first time. I have found with my clients, in line with what IBM has also found for their workforce, that utilizing Apple products actually saves you money in the long run because of their ability to do things right first.

     Now I’ll be the first to admit, we’re not the cheapest option for your IT needs, nor are we the most expensive. The thing with technology, likely the same as your industry, is that you get what you pay for. With IT, however, getting what you pay for can cause you REAL money, REAL quick.

     If you’re ready to stop letting your current IT guy take advantage of your time, money, and patience and want to see real change in your business, call my office at 403-879-1642. I will be happy to schedule a free, no strings attached consultation meeting to go through what your business’ technology needs are and how we will be able to fix them. Still not certain about wanting to meet? Download my free report at the top of this page to go through the 21 Questions Your IT Consultant Should Be Able To Say YES To.

     Dedicated to your success,

     Adam Berti
     Managing Director and Owner of Berti Group

I am a busy store owner and don’t have time to mess around with computer issues. Berti Group takes care of those for me…  >>Read More

-Richelle Love, Tri It Multisport

I have used four different POS systems and I can confidently say that Berti Group’s partnership with Lightspeed is by far the most stable and reliable system I’ve used. No computer system, POS or not, will ever be 100% problem free which is why I’m happy with the excellent service… >>Read More

-Doug Pepperdine, PM Hobbycraft

Cloud Integrated Solutions For Your Retail Business

In Store POS

Capture sales and maintain accurate inventory in your physical store with a POS system.


Your customers aren’t always available to make the visit during your hours of operation. Still make the sale by allowing them to shop online anytime with e-commerce.


Capture and engage with eager customers with a customer-tailored loyalty and rewards program.


Automate the entry of sales data into your accounting system and have real time accurate accounting data


Stop having inaccuracies in scheduling because your system is not fully integrated.

In Store Point of Sale

You will have quite a difficult time making sales if your point of sales (POS) system suddenly does not work. It is the cornerstone of your business operations. Our complete retail solution includes Lightspeed for its strong inventory control and tight integration with other online solutions.



     e-Commerce solutions mean that your latest products are available online the same minute that they are available in store. Stop losing business before it walks in the door because your customers did not have the ease of knowing whether you sell what they are looking for.


     Our integrated loyalty solution lets you track your customers’ purchases and reward them for their commitment to you. Reward you customers any way that you like – the choice is yours! Start simple with points for rewards or build up exclusive tiers to reward your top customers. We will ensure that your loyalty system frees you of headaches and fraud that comes from manually tracking these programs and rewards.


     Accounting setup means that your sales and costs are posted to the books daily. Stop paying a bookkeeper for shoebox accounting and automate the process. This will lead to higher accuracy, increased productivity, and enable you to have more time to focus on growing your business, not wasting time on keeping your business just where it’s currently at.

Employee Scheduling

     Anything but a perfected scheduling tool should not be used for scheduling as they are inefficient when tracking your employees’ work time and time off. Leverage technology to track time off requests, schedule changes, and provide a true cost of labour against your daily sales.

Berti Group is your trusted Retail Solutions provider. Stop managing your IT and fighting with technology. Let us keep your systems running smooth and you can go back to keeping your customers happy.

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