10 Reasons To Work With Berti Group For Your Retail Technology

  • Retail Specialization

    Our experience has led us to having unique expertise with a range of retailers. We implement leading edge products and services which enable retailers to grow faster and quicker than their competitors.

  • Complete Lifecycle Assistance

    We work with you from the design phase through implementation, training, and follow-up support. We will never point the finger at someone else, instead we work through the issue with the other vendors and find the right solution for your store.

  • Human Support

    Technical skills can be learned through training; communication skills are something that takes years to develop. Our staff are trained to communicate with our client like human beings by being considerate of different levels of technical experience. We do not use technical jargon or ‘geek speak’ even in our own office. We are humans who are talking to humans.

  • We Understand Accounting

    We have a thorough understand of Accounting and the requirements this puts on your POS. Most POS ‘experts’ do not have a clue about this fundamental part of your business and how to work with your accounting firm.

  • Expert Lightspeed Partner

    Lightspeed is an Omni Channel POS software for the modern retailer. Retailers using Lightspeed increase revenues by 20% in their first year. We are Western Canada’s top Lightspeed partner and have been working closely with the company for six years.

  • Respected Industry Experts

    Our large and diverse clientele that we have established since starting our business in 2010 has resulted in us being respected experts in technology in the retail environment. Read through what our clients have to say about our expertise here.

  • IT Visionaries

    We are IT visionaries who are constantly researching, testing, and exploring the newest and best products and solutions for the retail industry.

  • Proactive Maintenance

    We practice Proactive IT – we are not waiting for problems; we solve them before you know about them. We don’t wait around to put out fires.

  • We Document Everything

    We practice PROPER documentation of all systems in conjunction with our clients and always share this information no less than once a quarter. Unlike other firms, we do not hold your information hostage in order to keep your business.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    We do not pick favourites from our client base of who we service better or worse. All of our clients are 100% satisfied guaranteed. We take the time to make it right every time for everyone.

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