Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        How can I tell if something is spam?
A:        To spot spam, the following is recommended:

·      Email scam awareness

·      Check the ‘from’ address

·      Is the greeting impersonal?

·      Check contact information and dates

·      Check branding

·      Check if the linked website is legitimate

·      Asking for personal or bank details?

·      Poor spelling, grammar, and presentation?

·      Trying hard to be ‘official’?

·      Trying to rush you?

·      Check with real company, brand, or department

Q:        For my business, it’s a pain to have all of the staff remember their login passwords. Is this really necessary?
A:        Yes, login passwords that are complicated (minimum 8 characters, one uppercase, a number, and symbol) give your network added protection. Think of it this way, the front door is locked so people can’t come in and steal items in your safe. If you leave the front door open, you’re letting intruders in even though your safe has a combination lock on it. It’s not always what you think is the most valuable items that could be detrimental to your success. We also recommend using different unique passwords for various accounts to ensure that the same password that was hacked from your old MySpace account isn’t so easily compromised for your work computer because it was a variation of it. Write these passwords down and keep them in a safe, secure area in case of you forgetting, or your employer needing to retain access of your account.

Q:        Why do I need to pay monthly for IT opposed to just when something is broken, is that not cheaper?
A:        In IT there are two streams of thought regarding having a secured network. These are break-fix (B/F) and managed services. Managed services works in that you pay a monthly amount to have your network maintained and watched. Problems that are small quickly are resolved before they can lead to downtime for your business. As one of our clients put the costs of managed services “Some months we ‘win’ and some months we ‘lose,’ but all in all, it works out very well for both sides.” The thing with B/F, it’s like having a car that you’re not performing regular maintenance on and suddenly you break down on the side of the road. You now have to pay for a tow truck to come get you, a mechanic, and you’ve cost yourself time, money, and patience for this negligence. The thing with IT that is really detrimental, however, is that if you do not have a secure network and have medical-specific information on any of your clients/patients, you will face a PIPEDA fine from the government when your network is compromised as this is against Canadian law to not protect this sensitive information.

Q:        Should I really be on the Cloud?
A:        Remember when the Flood of 2013 happened? Numerous businesses in Calgary had their servers destroyed by the water. This led to data being erased as well, no one was able to work remotely either to get necessary work done. Cloud allows you to work remotely, as well protects your information in a secure off-site area. Same thing with people during the Fort McMurray fire in 2015. Again, same situation, had some of those business owners utilized Cloud, they would have been able to get necessary information for their business continuity when they were safely relocated to Calgary, Edmonton, or Red Deer.

Q:        I see under your services page that you do VoIP, what is it?
A:        VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a telephone system that works through your internet. VoIP provides greater benefits and mobility to users at a much cheaper price. We do not recommend this service to everyone. Although we’re selling it, this does not mean that it will actually be beneficial to all of our clients. Before selling our BertiVoice VoIP phone system, we will first come to your location and assess your needs for VoIP. From there we will discuss with you whether or not this would actually save you money and if the benefits are worth the hassle for you to cancel your current phone contract.

Q:        Do you only work in Calgary?
A:        Our services are based in Calgary, however with technology it is easy to work remotely. That’s what we do with our current clients who are already in Calgary. The only downside about not being in Calgary is that we will be unable to have regular face-to-face meetings with you. If you’re alright with video conferences when we need to discuss your business’s IT needs, then we are more than happy to comply.

Q:        What are your prices?
A:        We have three different service packages. Based on your needs we will categorize you into one of these levels. As your business grows it is likely that it will be cheaper to upgrade your plan as that is why these plans are in place. We will communicate this with you right away and any other improvements that could be made for your business’ IT needs. To learn the exact dollar amount of our services, we are happy to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience to go over these.

Q:        I am not tech-savvy, I also don’t like being taken advantage of because of this. What will you do to ensure you earn my trust?
A:        At Berti Group we are strong believers in educating our clients. We do this by sending out weekly technology training information, teaching our clients to differentiate critical and non-critical computer issues, and how to navigate technology overall for both their professional and personal lives. We don’t give our trust out blindly and don’t expect you to give yours out willy nilly either. That’s why we work every single day to ensure that we earn what you pay us each month.

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